Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

These are some of the questions we get asked the most.

Are the tags really Free?
Yes!  There is no catch, they really are free for schools.*

How are you able to provide tags for free?
Our organization gets family-friendly sponsors who help us to provide the tags free to your school.

Is our school required to get sponsors?
No, we do all the work.  We do appreciate referrals if you have local businesses you think would be great on the tags.

What kind of sponsors are on the back?
We find family friendly sponsors for the back of the tags.  Pick Up Pass has strict policies to protect parents, students & staff from inappropriate content.  Check out our school protection guarantee.

Can our school/district have a disclaimer added to the tag?
Yes, we are happy to accommodate schools/districts who require disclaimers.

How many tags do you provide?
We provide 2 tags for each family of daily pick up riders.

Can I get tags without numbers?
Yes, we have the option to either number tags or leave tags blank.

What if my school doesn’t have a car rider lane?
Many schools use our tags for walk-up pickup as an added measure of security.

When will the tags arrive?
Answer: We deliver tags prior to the school year to give schools time to deliver tags to parents before school begins.

How do I order tags?
There is a form on our Schools page; fill that out and we’ll get in touch to get things rolling.

How big are the tags? 
Our tags dimensions are 3.5″ W X 9.25″ H

Are the tags durable enough to last the entire year?
Our tags are highly durable and guaranteed to last the entire year.

Can I add my school logo to the tags?
Yes. Send us your school’s logo and we can add it to the tags.

Our Quality Guarantee

Sponsorships with Pick Up Pass make elementary school pick up safer and more efficient.  We allow sponsors who promote family friendly messages and offers to the community.  We at Pick Up Pass, LLC. have strict policies to protect schools, parents and students from inappropriate content.  Any content that is deemed by Pick Up Pass LLC. to be inappropriate or offensive in any way is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to messages that contain suggestive slang, advertising alcohol or drugs, inappropriate language, words, phrases or pictures that depict violence, intimidation, sexual content, or discrimination of any type.

*While uncommon, if Pick Up Pass is unable to secure the necessary sponsorships, we may not be able to provide tags to your school.