About Pick Up Pass

Who we are

We provide FREE car rider tags to each parent/guardian of families
who opt for parent pick up at school dismissal.

What we do

With Pick Up Pass, a school utilizes our free, numbered passes that hang from the rearview mirror. Our passes are an easy way to identify authorized vehicles that can pick up children at school. They are highly visible at a distance and easy to read in any weather.

We would love the opportunity to give back to your school by providing these pick-up passes free of charge. For schools that already use a similar pass created by their front office secretaries, this would save time and allow the secretaries to focus on other duties during the busy back to school time. It also provides schools with a standard, professional-looking pass that is unique to each elementary school.

The front of the pass is numbered and includes the school district logo and name, as well as the name of the school. We give local, family-friendly businesses the opportunity to purchase limited ad space on the back of the pass.

We understand that school funding is often tight, so we not only offer Pick Up Pass free of charge, but we donate a portion of the proceeds from ad sales back to your school or district

Who we are

As parents of elementary school-aged children, we have spent the last six years driving our children to and from school rather than having them ride the bus. Over the years we have noticed the process for parent pick up at their school has varied, as have the methods of identification for pick up. We realized there was a need for a safe and efficient method to pick up their children, and this is why we created Pick Up Pass.