Helping Schools

Learn about how our Pick Up Passes can help your school.


Pick Up Pass is an organization that provides FREE numbered passes to the parent/guardian of families who choose parent pick up at school dismissal.


Our passes are an easy way to identify authorized vehicles at school pick up. They are highly visible at a distance and easy to read in any weather.


Saves time at dismissal and adds an additional layer of security.

Free Backpack Tag Download

We are excited to provide this free, fillable PDF template for backpack tags. Just download the PDF, open it in your favorite PDF program, and add the tag numbers.


Let’s get started with your school’s pick up tags.

How would you like the tags? Each daily rider (or family) receives two.


Pick Up pass provides 2 tags per family for daily pick-up riders. While most schools make or purchase their own backpack tags or implement the tags without them we wanted to provide an option to purchase backpack tags at cost with no markup.

Some schools want additional tags beyond the 2 per family we provide free of charge. We also wanted to offer an option to purchase additional tags at cost for those who want more. Fill out the form of how many tags you would like and we will get back to you on the cost.

Our Quality Guarantee

Sponsorships with Pick Up Pass make elementary school pick up safer and more efficient.  We allow sponsors who promote family friendly messages and offers to the community.  We at Pick Up Pass LLC. have strict policies to protect schools, parents and students from inappropriate content.  Any content that is deemed by Pick Up Pass LLC. to be inappropriate or offensive in any way is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to Messages that contain Suggestive slang, Advertising (Alcohol, Drugs), Inappropriate language, words, phrases or pictures that depict violence, intimidation, sexual content or discrimination of any type.