Free safety car tags

for your school




Pick Up Pass provides FREE car rider tags to each parent or guardian who opts for parent pick-up at school dismissal.


Our passes make it easy to identify authorized vehicles at school pick up, resulting in a safer and more efficient process. They are highly visible at a distance and easy to view in any weather.


Tags include your school district logo, school name, and can be numbered according to your preferences. We can make custom adjustments as per your school regulations.


We give local, family-friendly businesses the opportunity to purchase sponsorship space on the back of the tags, allowing us to provide the tags FREE to your school!


We make it so easy for you! The Pick Up Pass will save time for schools already using a similar pass by streamlining the process and relieving school staff from spending time organizing or printing.

Let’s get started with your school’s pick up tags.

NOTE: Pick Up Pass provides up to 2 tags per family for daily pick-up riders. If you would like more than 2 tags per student or tags for all your students please leave us a note below of how many additional tags you would like and we will give you a discounted rate.

We also offer backpack tags for an additional cost or you can take advantage of our free template below.

How would you like the tags? Each daily rider (or family) receives two.

Free Backpack Tag Download

We are excited to provide this free, fillable PDF template for backpack tags. Just download the PDF, open it in your favorite PDF program, and add the tag numbers.


Our Quality Guarantee

Sponsorships with Pick Up Pass make elementary school pick up safer and more efficient.  We allow sponsors who promote family friendly messages and offers to the community.  We at Pick Up Pass, LLC. have strict policies to protect schools, parents and students from inappropriate content.  Any content that is deemed by Pick Up Pass LLC. to be inappropriate or offensive in any way is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to messages that contain suggestive slang, advertising alcohol or drugs, inappropriate language, words, phrases or pictures that depict violence, intimidation, sexual content, or discrimination of any type.

*While uncommon, if Pick Up Pass is unable to secure the necessary sponsorships, we may not be able to provide tags to your school.