Ad Design & Layout

Learn more about how your ad can be a part of our “Pick up Passes”.

Professionally Designed 

We provide full-color, and great image quality artwork printed on durable pick up passes. Simply provide us your copy, logo, and colors and our graphics department will do the rest. Our artists design thousands of full-color pieces of artwork per year so you can rest assured your business will be professionally represented when you work with us.


Advertising can be expensive. But if you work with our Pick up Passes you do not have to worry. You will be able to enjoy thousands of daily impressions throughout the year for only pennies per day. Your ad will be exclusive! Stop having to worry about fighting for visibility with other businesses in your industry.

Direct Market

Your exclusive message will reach people every day.  People pay close attention to the sponsors of those who are a part of the way they come to pick up their child.  Kids, parents, and faculty will see your ad every day, reinforcing your message and brand thousands of times per day.